Growing Kids Car Magnets


Pick-up a FREE GKS Car Magnet at one of the following Armstrong Bank locations
:Armstrong Bank

  • CENTRAL Fort Smith Branch, 2930 Old Greenwood Rd
  • SOUTH Fort Smith Branch, 9201 Hwy 71 S (corner of 71 S & Burrough Rd)
  • NORTH Fort Smith Branch, 1301 Waldron Rd (corner of Waldron & Gordon Ln)
  • EAST Fort Smith Branch, 8300 Phoenix Ave (corner of Phoenix & Massard)
-Simply pull through the DRIVE-THRU and ask for a Growing Kids magnet!
-One per car, please. But you can get an extra magnet for your spouse's car, mom's car, etc.!

2. Stick it on your car in a visible area (back of vehicle is best). If you find that the rear of your car does not hold magnets, try the bumper!

NOTE: Though you are welcome to leave your magnet on your car year-round, we've found that they can tend to fall off over time, and they are easily lost in car-washes, so we recommend you place the magnet in your glove-box during the off-season for safe-keeping.

Sample car magnet:

GKS Car Magnet

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