Register for the Growing Kids Sale

Registrations for the Spring 2019 sale will be open
Monday, January 21st at 5am

Wednesday, February 27th at 10pm

Step 1:
The Staff of the Growing Kids Sale spends many hours brainstorming and tweaking policies and procedures, based on feedback from shoppers and consignors, to make each sale better than the last. It is important to us that everyone is aware of any changes being implemented, so please take a moment to read about the exciting changes for the upcoming event!

NOTHING NEW for Spring 2019 -
just the same old good stuff!

But don't forget the important
changes from previous sales below!

Discontinued MEN’S/WOMEN’S Designer Denim:
Now that the Miss Me designer jean craze has passed, we have found that most men’s/women’s jeans aren’t selling well, so we will no longer be accepting those items. We will continue accepting CHILDREN’S designer denim, but they don’t sell well unless priced in the $10-20 range, so we will no longer be claim-ticketing them, and they will be placed on the regular size racks, where they tend to sell best.

We will now have a cabinet where your high-quality, higher-priced shoes (like Uggs, Chacos and high-dollar boots) can be locked up and claim ticketed. But please remember to price reasonably – over-priced items do NOT sell! Please let us know at drop-offs if you have a pair to be locked up.

DUCT-TAPE reinforcement REQUIRED on shoe tags!
Thank you for adhering to our new shoe tagging guidelines last spring (see details below)! It helped tremendously with keeping consignors’ shoes safe & sellable. However, we still had issues with tags tearing off shoes when scotch or clear packing tape was used to reinforce the tag. Tags reinforced with duct tape remained intact! So we will now be requiring that shoe tags be reinforced with duct tape, then hole-punched and connected to the shoes with zip-ties or curling ribbon. Note that the duct tape must be stuck to the tag BEFORE the hole is punched in order for it to strengthen your tag. And remember, no Ziploc bags. Shoes not tagged in this way will have to be re-tagged at drop-offs before we can accept them, in order to help the security & sell-ability of your sale items. The addition of duct tape is quick & easy, and goes a long way to protect your tag from getting lost!
Optional: You may also consider cutting the size of your index card tags in ½ for shoes, which will leave less excess and keep your tag smaller and safer from getting caught & torn. We also recommend covering your barcode with clear tape to help insure its adherence. See the example tagging photos below!

There is now NO LIMIT on how many shoes you can bring! However, we will be strictly enforcing shoe quality & tagging guidelines!
After 14 years of sales, we've learned that these tagging methods work best. Shoes not tagged according to these instructions will have to be re-tagged before we can accept them at drop-offs. Thank you for helping us keep your items intact & shoppable! Below are shoe tagging examples (click on photo to enlarge):
Photo-ShoeTaggingExamplePhoto-ShoeTaggingExample Photo-ShoeTaggingExample Photo-ShoeTaggingExample  Photo-ShoeTaggingExample

Step 2:
Choose the Appropriate Registration Type:

Please Note: If you registered for a past Growing Kids Sale and received a consignor number, but you do not remember the number, please DO NOT register as a new consignor. Click "returning", and you will then have an option to look-up your previous consignor number, or you may e-mail Faith@GrowingKidsSale to obtain your number. Thank you!

Returning Consignor
  • If you have previously consigned with Growing Kids

  • If you do not remember the consignor number that was previously assigned to you

  • If you registered for a previous sale, but never actually participated
New Consignor
  • If you have never registered for the Growing Kids Sale

  • If you have never been given a consignor number